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I've had fantastic transitions with all of my
daycare children and will do everything I can
to help you and your child adjust as well!

I'm determined to be one of the BEST
childcare centers in the area by being
dedicated to the children and families in
my care! I promise to make your child's time
away from you fun, educational, and exciting
because your daily reunion should be exciting and
happy with a lot to talk about.

ALLERGY SENSITIVE CENTER; Our son suffers from crazy allergies so we keep an Allergy Sensitive Facility. This means that we take EXTRA precautions to keep sensitive kids safe! For Example;

About Our Center
• The pets we have are safe for allergy prone children. We have a Standard Poodle named Koda and we have fish.
• Of course there is absolutely no smoking allowed on daycare property.
• We do a lot of hand washing to prevent sickness, and our Healthy Kids Policy is strictly enforced.
• I also provide allergy sensitive meals.