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I use an incredible professionally-written curriculum that accommodate the different ages of children at my center. Let's discuss your child's learning style and your goals for them. Together we will select a personalized curriculum that meets those needs.

In addition your child will have the opportunity to learn about socialization and peer interaction as well as learning about sharing, manners, team-work, and conflict resolution; these are all very important life skills.

TODDLERS; 2 months - 2 years of age; Significant research has been conducted and continues on the learning needs of babies and toddlers. Research proves that the most important aspect of this age group is forming safe attachments with caregivers. This is a major priority at my center!

PRE-SCHOOL; 2 - 5 years of age; This program is a very high quality, professionally designed early learning program that creates enthusiasm for learning and builds school readiness skills. The activities are adaptable for children with various developmental needs, experiences, and culture. We continue learning sign-language in this group. Our kids are eating this up.
*Activities and assessment materials are aligned with state early learning standards.
Curriculum (includes ages 9-months-5 years)